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ESO Published the First Progress Report on Corporate Social Responsibility

AB „Energijos skirstymo operatorius“ (toliau – ESO  ir  Bendrovė), kodas 304151376, registruotos buveinės adresas Aguonų g. 24, Vilnius. Bendras AB „Energijos skirstymo operatorius“ išleistų paprastųjų vardinių akcijų skaičius yra 894 630 333; ISIN kodas – LT0000130023. 

The electricity and gas distribution company Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius (ESO) that belongs to the largest group of energy companies in Lithuania - Lietuvos Energija - published the first Progress Report on Corporate Social Responsibility after the merger of electricity and gas companies.

The report outlines activities reflecting ESO responsible approach and its progress achieved in 2016 in relationships with customers, market participants, environment, employees and the public, presents strategic directions of the Company’s social responsibility, as well as actions and achievements, discloses active involvement in the education on safe and rational use of energy.

“A responsible corporate approach, transparent accountability and an aspiration to reduce its impact on the environment creates value to the public and the market. The year 2016 clearly demonstrated the synergy and value of the merger of the companies contributing to sparing use of resources and energy - an important goal of power engineers in creating a sustainable and responsible environment. By installing innovations we also optimise operating expenses what enables us to ensure a high quality of services, reduce prices, use resources efficiently, as well as actively participate in the creation of a more sustainable future”, told Ms. Dalia Andrulionienė, CEO of ESO.

ESO implements the responsibility of its activity by ensuring interests of its customers – reliable and safe energy supply – as well as promoting the employees’ and contractors’ responsible and safe behaviour at work by investing into the improvement of professional skills and modernisation of the distribution grids.

In 2016, ESO investment into the upgrading of electricity and gas grids aimed to increase reliability of the grids amounted to over EUR 149 million (13.4 percent more than in 2015). Investment into IT and management systems totalled EUR 8.5 million (1.8 time more than a year ago). Seeking to ensure reliability of the grid and protect the landscape, in 2016 ESO laid down more than 2 thousand kilometres of power cable lines.

ESO deems the involvement of stakeholders into the identification of priorities of responsible activities and coordination of essential actions as a particularly important part of responsible activity. The Company will also confirm the importance of cooperation and coordination with the environment, and this year, when drawing up a 10-year investment plan, will coordinate it with the stakeholders.

By implementing innovations at the management level, ESO improved the governance system of employees’ activities: annual conversations were held (from 2017 - also quarterly, helping to relate the employees’ goals with the Company’s strategy, forming a feedback culture), the remuneration system was revised. An objective evaluation of posts enables to manage expenses efficiently, create competitiveness in the labour market and look up to the leading enterprises of the country that remunerate employees according to the achieved results and created value.

ESO emphasizes the importance of transparency and honesty principles in daily activities - complex mechanisms for the assessment and prevention of corruption risks are implemented in the Company, also declarations of private interests are compulsory. In 2016, a Trust Line Policy was approved encouraging to express concern about noticed possible violations and stressing an absolute protection of notifiers was approved.

In the field of environmental protection, ESO further promoted efficient use of energy– organised the sixth conference on energy efficiency that has gained huge public interest, also took care of the installation of modern technologies, management of atmospheric pollution and sparing use of resources, reduced pollution from mobile sources.

In 2016, ESO started a pilot project of smart electricity meters in order to change the customers’ habits and save energy. Before the project, a poll conducted by Spinter Tyrimai at the order of ESO showed that two thirds (66 percent) of private customers were interested in the possibility of having a smart electricity meter installed in their household enabling to use electricity more efficiently, also avoid inconvenient recording and declaration of meter readings.

After an audit was conducted in 2016, the validity of the environmental management certificate LST EN 14001 was extended for ESO in the part of gas activity. In 2017, it is planned to implement this management system also in the part of electricity activity.

The report was prepared in accordance with the United Nations Global Compact’s principles in which ESO takes part and with consideration to recommendations of the Global Reporting Initiative.

As a representative of responsible business, ESO is also a member of the Association for Responsible Business in Lithuania LAVA representing the Global Compact in Lithuania, and actively shares the accumulated experience and good practice. The Progress Report on Social Corporate Responsibility is published on the Company’s website at, securities exchange Nasdaq OMX website, and the United Nations Global Compact’s website at (in English). 

We invite you to get acquainted with 2016 ESO Progress Report on Corporate Social Responsibility. 

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