Why the Eurasian eagle-owl?


The illustrated owl is not just a Christmas decoration. It is an art piece made by Appias Albina  that adorns our Vilnius office walls. The image, while pleasing to the eyes, also serves as a harbinger of disastrous climate impact on animals.

You can hear the Eurasian eagle-owl hooting on a spring night in wet forests of the Nemunas river delta. Lithuania’s largest owl finds the perfect conditions here as it loves to nest near water bodies with plenty of fish. But it’s aquatic birds that it loves to pray on the most. The Eurasian eagle-owl is most vulnerable when it is trying to extend its lineage. It breeds and nests owlets from February till early August.

The artworks of Appias Albina were created using a unique carbon monotype technique (printmaking). She uses her talents to give a form to hundreds of individual pieces of materials and textures. The image crafted from small individual elements perfectly illustrates the importance of the tiniest piece when working towards a cohesive picture. It could be said the same about reaching common goals, every daily choice matters.


We choose to act! Our commitment to a sustainable future is realized through increasing renewable energy capacity and aiming for net zero greenhouse gas emissions. We also invite our shareholders, clients, partners, and all like-minded people to unite and act together to achieve the common goal of reducing the impact of climate change.

Read more on our Group's goals and actions here.


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