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Payment for the services provided by ESO

Consumers and system users pay for the amount of gas purchased or distributed within the reporting period according to the submitted VAT invoice.

The payment must be completed and processed by the date indicated in the purchase-sale contract of natural gas, service provisions, or purchase-sale or distribution services provisions.

In case of a failure to effect the payment on a timely basis, late interest shall be applied. The late interest for delays  in payment is computed once per month.

If a consumer or a system user misses the payment term or violates other terms and conditions of the active contract, in case bankruptcy proceedings have been instituted against the consumer or system user or in the presence of any other circumstances allowing a reasonable assumption that the consumer or system user may fail to fulfil its obligations hereunder, the ESO shall have the right, as a security of payment for the services, to require from the consumer or system user:

  • shorter terms of payment;
  • to pay in advance for the natural gas purchased or the distribution services provided;
  • to sign an assurance agreement or a guarantee issued by a bank or a credit institution.

In case ESO requests shorter payment terms or advance payment, the system user shall pay for the amount of gas to be distributed within the next reporting period; the system user shall pay according to the invoice submitted by ESO no later than within 3 workdays before the beginning of the reporting period.

The advance payment shall be accounted according to the amount of gas actually distributed within the reporting period; the overpayment is credited for future payments and the user shall pay any outstanding amount according to the procedure specified in the contract.

In case a consumer or a system user fails to pay for the supply or distribution of natural gas in a timely manner, ESO may limit or terminate the gas supply having notified the consumer or the system user thereof in advance.

Customer service
Gas emergency service