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Why should you use gas?

Economic incentives
  • During the past several years the price of natural gas has been steadily falling;
  • The efficiency of condensing gas boilers reaches 111%, ie more benefit is derived from a smaller quantity of gas;
  • By automatically responding to external and internal temperature changes gas boilers operate at maximum efficiency, do not generate significant heat differences, therefore, efficiently save fuel and the expenses for it;
  • Gas boilers are durable, do not require much maintenance and reliably serve for a considerable number of years.
  • Does not need warehousing;
  • Does not require securing fuel supply in advance;
  • Simple regulation of temperature when gas is used for heating.
  • Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel. It is the most environmentally friendly type of fossil fuel energy. When burning, natural gas does not emit any unpleasant odour or cause smog and, compared to other fuel types, it emits the smallest quantity of CO2 or solid particles;
  • The main by-products resulting from combustion of natural gas are water steam and a small quantity of carbon dioxide.
Gas network in Lithuania

Where natural gas is used?
  • Heating homes – suspended or floor boilers, collectors, radial burners
  • Air conditioning and humidity control – conditioners, coolers, dampers or dryers
  • Cooling or freezing processes – coolers, cooling systems
  • Water heating: boilers
  • Other installations in homes – swimming pools, fireplaces, cloth dryers, torches, outdoor heater, outdoor furnace and grills
  • Transport – vehicles, snow melting systems
  • Food production – ovens, grills, cookers, furnaces
Customer service
Gas emergency service