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Through its responsible operations, ESO seeks to contribute to the development of a cohesive society, in particular by securing a secure and uninterrupted distribution and supply of electricity and distribution of natural gas. The ESO also act responsibly in other areas, with other interested groups, in particular ethical and partnership-based treatment of employees, attention to their working environment and safety.

Priorities of ESO responsible activities:

  • Improving energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact by conserving energy and resources;
  • Responsible handling of electricity and gas (both for customers and for employees); 
  • Safety and health at work.

Responsible and sustainable development for ESO means ensuring the reliability of infrastructure, which contributes to economic and social development without compromising the environmental balance. Timely and measured development of innovative technologies, and the balanced fulfilment of the needs of employees, customers and society minimises the environmental impact.

The essence of a responsible business-society partnership is a sustainable, safe and clean environment that will remain for future generations. The following principles of sustainable development are guided in ESO daily activities: 

  • Ensuring the sustainability of electricity and natural gas distribution and electricity supply, promoting economic and social development, while respecting the environment and meeting the interests of the target groups;
  • Efficient use of natural resources for the ongoing activities;
  • Smart and efficient use of energy and reduction of environmental impact during distribution and use of electricity and natural gas;
  • Promoting a sustainable approach to the environment between employees, contractors, suppliers and the public.

The Company shall implement these principles through focused daily activities in the following areas:

1. Economic responsibility;
2. Employees;
3. Environmental protection;
4. Society and communities. 

The ESO encourage other companies to join in the development of responsible, sustainable development-based activities leading to social and economic well-being.

The ESO also defines the direction of responsible activities in accordance with the principles and obligations of the UN Global Compact to act responsibly in the Lithuanian Responsible Business Association LAVA, where it shares its experience and best practice.

The Code of Ethics is based on values of our organization and defines the principles and standards of business ethics followed by Ignitis Group companies and expected from our employees in their daily work.

You can find our Code of Ethics here.

General principles of sustainability of AB Ignitis Group

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